SimpleCondition PropertiesEasyQuery WinForms API Reference
The SimpleCondition type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBaseAttr
Gets the base entity attribute for this condition.
(Inherited from Condition.)
Public propertyBaseExpr
Gets or sets the base expression of the condtion.
Public propertyDefaultOperand
Gets the default operand.
Public propertyEnabled
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this Condition is enabled.
(Inherited from Condition.)
Public propertyExpressions
Gets the list of all expressions used in condition. First expression in the list is base expression.
Public propertyFullNum
Gets the full number of condition.
(Inherited from Condition.)
Public propertyID
Gets or sets the ID.
(Inherited from Condition.)
Public propertyIndex
Gets the index in the parent's list.
(Inherited from Condition.)
Public propertyIsHaving
Gets a value indicating whether this condition must be placed into HAVING clause in result SQL.
(Inherited from Condition.)
Protected propertyIsSilent
Gets a value indicating whether this query is silent - so no event will be raised on change.
(Inherited from Condition.)
Public propertyLevel
Gets the level of this condition in query.
(Inherited from Condition.)
Public propertyModel
Gets the model.
(Inherited from Condition.)
Public propertyOperator
Gets or sets the operator used in this condition.
Public propertyParent
Gets the parent Predicate which this conditions is included to.
(Inherited from Condition.)
Public propertyQuery
Gets the query which this condition belongs to.
(Inherited from Condition.)
Public propertyReadOnly
Gets or sets a value indicating whether this Condition is read-only.
(Inherited from Condition.)
Public propertyStatic memberSTypeName
Gets the name of the condition type used for saving to XML.
Public propertyTypeName
Gets the name of the condition type. The same as STypeName but works for one particular instance of SimpleCondition class.
(Overrides Condition TypeName.)
Public propertyUseDefaultValues
Gets a value indicating whether condition expressions should get default values after creation
(Inherited from Condition.)
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