DataType EnumerationEasyQuery WinForms API Reference
Represents the common types of the data.

Namespace: Korzh.EasyQuery
Assembly: Korzh.EasyQuery.NET40 (in Korzh.EasyQuery.NET40.dll) Version:

public enum DataType

  Member nameValueDescription
Unknown0Unknown type value
String1String value
Byte28-bit integer value
Word316-bit integer value
Int432-bit integer value
Int32532-bit integer value
Int64664-bit integer value
Bool7Boolean value
Float8Floating-point numeric value
Currency9Money value
BCD10Binary-coded decimal value
Date11Date value
Time12Time value
DateTime13Date and time value
Autoinc14Autoincrement 32-bit integer value
Memo15MEMO value (text with unlimited length)
Blob16BLOB value (any data with unlimited length)
FixedChar17Fixed character value
Guid18 The unique identifier
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