EntitySqlStatement PropertiesEasyQuery ASP.NET API Reference
The EntitySqlStatement type exposes the following members.

Public propertyEntitySql
Gets the "entity SQL" (for Entity Framework).
Protected propertyFormats
Gets the DbQueryFormats object in the parent query.
Public propertyFromClause
Gets the text of FROM clause.
Public propertyGroupClause
Gets the text of GROUP BY clause.
Public propertyHavingClause
Gets the text of HAVING clause.
Protected propertyNeedGroupBy
Gets a value indicating whether GROUP BY section is necessary in result SQL.
Protected propertyOptions
Gets the DbQueryOptions object used in the parent query.
Public propertyOrderClause
Gets the text of ORDER BY clause.
Public propertyPortion
Allows to specify a portion of result set to return.
Public propertyQuery
Gets the query.
Public propertyRootEntity
Gets the root (first) table used in query.
Public propertySelectClause
Gets the text of SELECT clause.
Public propertySQL
Gets the text of result SQL statement.
Public propertyWhereClause
Gets the text of WHERE clause.
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