EntityAttr ClassEasyQuery ASP.NET API Reference
Represents one entity attribute of data model.
Inheritance Hierarchy

OnlineSystem Object
  Korzh.EasyQuery EntityAttr
    Korzh.EasyQuery.Db DbEntityAttr

Namespace: Korzh.EasyQuery
Assembly: Korzh.EasyQuery.NET40 (in Korzh.EasyQuery.NET40.dll) Version:

public class EntityAttr : IComparable<EntityAttr>

Usually Attribute object represents some field in database table but it also can represent more complicated attributes. For the user who works with query builder entity attribute - is something that he(she) understand well and can operate with. For example: "name of the company" or "payment method" but not the "payment method internal id" which is stored in database.
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