Korzh.EasyQuery NamespaceEasyQuery ASP.NET API Reference
EasyQuery core classes and structures

Public classAggrFuncExpr
Represents an expression which is a result of applying some functions to other expressions
Public classAggrFuncExpr ArgStore
Represents the list of aggregate function arguments
Public classAggrFunction
Represents aggregate function
Public classAggrFunctionList
Represents list of AggrFunction objects
Public classBaseQueryBuilder
Base class for all query builder classes like LinqQueryBuilder.
Public classColumn
Represents some column which will be queried.
Public classColumnList
Represents a list of columns.
Public classColumnsChangeEventArgs
Provides data for ColumnsChanged event
Public classColumnsChangingEventArgs
Provides data for ColumnsChanging event
Public classColumnsStore
Represents list of result columns.
Public classCondition
Represents one condition in the query.
Public classConditionList
Represents list of conditions.
Public classConditionsChangeEventArgs
Provides data for ConditionsChanged event
Public classConditionsStore
Represents storage of conditions linked to some Query object
Public classConstExpr
Represents a constant expression (like: 423 or "Master card").
Public classConstListValueEditor
Represents the constant list value editor.
Public classConstValueItem
Represents one item in the list of available values for LIST value editor.
Public classConstValueList
Represents list of availalbe values. Each item contain the value itself and some caption representing this value.
Public classContextLoadingMapper
Class ContextLoadingMapper.
Public classCustomListValueEditor
Represents custom (user-defined) list value editor
Public classCustomValueEditor
Represents custom (user defined) value editor.
Public classDataModel
Represents a data model
Public classDataModel EdgeInfo
Represents edges for entity graph defined through EntityGraph
Public classDataModel EditorsMap
Represents editors map - the list which defines what editor will be used for a particular data type and operator.
Public classDataModel Error
Exception class for data model errors
Public classDataModel Graph T 
Represents a graph structure. Each node in graph - is an object of type T.
Public classDataModel ModelType
Represents a vertex of the entity graph defined in EntityGraph. Used in LoadFromContext(Type) method
Public classDataModel TypeOperatorEntry
Represents one entry in TypeOperatorMap array.
Public classDataModel TypeOperatorMap
Represents a map between the types and operators.
Public classDataTypeList
Represents a list of DataType values.
Public classDateTimeValueEditor
Represents the value editor for date and/or time.
Public classDisplayFormatParser
Represents a special class used for parsing operator display format values.
Public classEditorsMap
Represents editors map - the list which defines what editor will be used for a particular data type and operator.
Public classEntity
Represents one entity
Public classEntityAttr
Represents one entity attribute of data model.
Public classEntityAttrExpr
An Expression descendant which represents an attribute.
Public classEntityAttributeObsolete.
Provides a general-purpose attribute that lets you specify localizable strings for entity classes.
Public classEntityAttrList
Represents list of entity attributes
Public classEntityAttrStore
Represents entity attributes storage associated with a particular entity.
Public classEntityList
Represents list of entities
Public classEntityStore
Represents storage of entities
Public classEqEntityAttrAttribute
Provides a general-purpose attribute that lets you specify different options for entity attribute classes.
Public classEqEntityAttribute
Provides a general-purpose attribute that lets you specify different options for entity classes.
Public classEqListValueEditorAttribute
Assigns a "List" value editor for an entity member.
Public classExpression
Represents common expression object.
Public classExprList
Represents list of expression objects.
Public classLinqBuilderExtensions
Exposes some extension methods for LINQ querying
Public classLinqQueryBuilder
Builds Linq expressions
Public classLinqQueryBuilder BuilderResult T 
Represents result of LinqQueryBuilder work
Public classListValueEditor
Represents base abstract type of list value editors.
Public classListValueEditorAttributeObsolete.
Assigns a "List" value editor for an entity member.
Public classMacroList
Represents a list of IMacroValue objects
Public classMacroRequestEventArgs
Provides data for MacroRequest event
Public classObjectInfo
Holds different object-related information associated with entities and attributes This structure filled when model is loaded from EntityFramework context or any other type. Then the information stored here is used by LinqQueryBuilder and SqlQueryBuilder classes (for Entity SQL).
Public classOperand
Represents one operand in some operator's expression
Public classOperandList
Represents list of operands.
Public classOperator
Represents a logical expression or predicate, like comparisions or LIKE predicate.
Public classOperatorGroup
Represents a group of operators
Public classOperatorGroupList
Represents list of operator groups
Public classOperatorList
Represents list of operators.
Public classOperatorStore
This class represents the list of operators associated with a particular DataModel
Public classPredicate
Represents group of conditions linked by some logical operator (AND or OR).
Public classPropertyInfoExtensions
Static class whic contains extension methods for PropertyInfo class
Public classQuery
Represents internal query structure.
Public classQuery Error
Query exception class.
Public classQueryFormats
Represents different formats of statements.
Public classQueryOptions
Represents different options of query.
Public classQueryParam
Represents one parameter in parametrized SQL statement
Public classQueryParamList
Represents simple list of QueryParam objects.
Public classQueryTextFormats
Represents different formats for query text representation
Public classQueryTextFormats HtmlFormats
Represents different parameters of HTML formatting for query text representation
Public classRootEntity
Represents root entity in the model
Public classSimpleCondExprList
Represents list of expression for SimpleCondition object
Public classSimpleCondition
Represents the default condition with {field} {operator} {value} structure.
Public classSimpleMacroValue
Represents one macro value.
Public classSortedColumnList
Represents the list of sorted columns
Public classSortOrderChangedEventArgs
Provides data for SortOrderChanged event
Public classSqlListValueEditor
Represents the list ValueEditor.
Public classStringTokenizer
This class allows an application to break a string into tokens.
Public classSubQueryValueEditor
Represents the subquery value editor.
Public classTextResources
Manages texts for all EasyQuery Controls visual objects
Public classTextValueEditor
Represents the simpliest value editor.
Public classTimeMacro
Represents some date or time macro value
Public classUtils
Represents different type conversion functions and other useful procedures
Public classValueEditor
Represents an abstract value editor.
Public classValueEditorEntry
Represents map between operators and value editors.
Public classValueEditorsList
Represents list of value editors

Public interfaceIConditionCreator
Represents special interface used for definition new (custom) types of conditions
Public interfaceIDefaultValuesStorage
Represents a storage of default values
Public interfaceIExpressionCreator
Represents special interface used for definition new (custom) types of expression
Public interfaceIMacroValue
Represents one macro value.
Public interfaceIProgressIndicator
This interface is used to assign progress indicator for different time-consuming operations
Public interfaceIQueryBuilder
Interface IQueryBuilder - represents general-purpose query builder
Public interfaceIValueEditorCreator
Internal interface used for definition new (custom) types of value editors

Public delegateAggrFuncListChangedEventHandler
Represents delegate for DataModel.AggrFuncListChanged event
Public delegateColumnsChangedEventHandler
Represents delegate for ColumnsChanged event
Public delegateColumnsChangingEventHandler
Represents delegate for ColumnsChanging event
Public delegateConditionsChangedEventHandler
Represents delegate for Query.ConditionsChanged event
Public delegateMacroRequestEventHandler
Represents delegate for MacroRequest event
Public delegateSortOrderChangedEventHandler
Represents delegate for Query.SortOrderChanged event

Public enumerationChangeType
Represents type of change that occured
Public enumerationColumnAliasesUsage
Represents the conditions when the result SQL should include column aliases.
Public enumerationCondition LinkType
Represents type of linking of conditions in group (predicate).
Public enumerationDataKind
Represents expression kinds.
Public enumerationDataModel ContextLoadingOptions
Represents different options used during loading model from context
Public enumerationDataModel RWOptions
Represents different options used during data model loading or saving
Public enumerationDataType
Represents the common types of the data.
Public enumerationDisplayFormatParser TokenType
Represents type of the token.
Public enumerationEntAttrKind
Attribute kind enumeration (Data or Virtual).
Public enumerationEntityAttrProp
Represents attribute property used in FindAttribute methods
Public enumerationEOLSymbol
Represents the symbol (or symbols) which are used to separate lines in generated SQL statements
Public enumerationMergeTypesStrategy
Represents the strategy of merging of two types
Public enumerationNoPathResolution
The values of this type will tell Query object how to resolve the situation when two tables does not have a path between them
Public enumerationOrderByStyles
Represents the way fields appear in ORDER BY clause
Public enumerationQuery RWOptions
Represents different options used during query loading or saving
Public enumerationScalarExprOptions
Different options used during processing of scalar values
Public enumerationSortDirection
Represents sorting direction.
Public enumerationSqlSyntax
Represents types of SQL syntax.
Public enumerationStringTokenizer TokenType
Represents the types of tokens. Used in StringTokenizer class
Public enumerationTimeMacroType
Represents some predefined values for TimeMacro